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we are a one stop shop for creating, and manufacturing the eLiquid brand of your dreams

El Toro

Let’s create your brand

Inspired from the traditional tastes to the most exotic flavours, our team has created outstanding, reputable and recognisable eLiquid brands.

In Concept Liquids we have the experience and the knowledge in bringing together all those essential elements you need to create your own vaping brand.

We research and develop a wide choice of eLiquid flavours and tastes, and we cover the broadest possible array of vapers’ likes and preferences. Based on our experts’ studies, we have readily available eLiquid formulations, however each flavour and taste can be further customized according to your specific needs.

Or we can work together in our Sample Room, and create from scratch that unique vaping liquid you have envisioned.

After we’ve perfected the flavour, our team will work closely with you so that your product will be delivered with the most appropriate labelling and branding.

Bulk quantities, high quality materials

At Concept Liquids, we’re committed to identifying and acquiring only the best ingredients.

We can provide you with top quality ingredients, such as Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Nicotine Bases, or ready to vape eLiquids in bulk quantities.

CLP and TPD Compliant Bottling

For our eLiquids we use bottles made of materials specifically approved for food and/or pharmaceutical products. Childproof fastenings and detailed labeling with all the required warnings ensure CLP compliant bottling, as specified by EU regulations. Furthermore we are closely following the updates on the TPD directive regarding eLiquids and we are implementing all the required standards in order to ensure the longevity of your eLiquids.